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If you like hearing a jazz trio…

songs in a minor key

Pick of the Litter (8/20)

Timothy Dalrymple On the Dire Need for the Imitation of Christ …the American evangelical Church, in spite of all the good it still accomplishes, has lost its way. In the vision of Christian life that has been passed down the stream of generations, something essential seems to have been lost in the exchange. Call it a hunch, buried deep in the inner folds of the spirit within: that Christ calls us to something more than this.

George Washington’s 1790 letter to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island. “To bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.”

In this remarkable short talk, comic genius John Cleese explains what he has learned about the creative process.

Pick of the Litter (8/13)

A couple of the links that grabbed my attention this week:

The Sad State of Pastoral Thinking: Chaplain Mike show his exasperation with Perry Noble and his “Noblesque” approach to church.

Watch the Rising Day: Matthew Smith’s newest album.

Unfortunately, this post’s inflammatory title chars the outside so badly that the good meat under the burn is probably thrown away by most.

10 Simple Google Search Tricks: Learn how to make more of your use of the most popular search engine around. Don’t you hate how they’ve gone over to the Dark Side on net neutrality?

McKinley the Siberian Husky

Morning in the Mountains

I rose early to greet the sunrise that morning to find that I would be the one to receive a greeting first – from a lone whippoorwill.

The sun was not yet hinting its arrival but this nocturnal bird was singing in anticipation of its coming bedtime. Singing his name, “Whippoorwill!”,  I soon came to hear “Yes, It Will!, Yes, It Will!” Every couple of moments, the source of the song would move to a different tree in the nearby grove – almost as if he were looking for a better vantage point to see the sun’s arrival.

As if awakened or encouraged by this lone singer, a chorus of other birds joined the song – one by one, then a small ensemble, then another. While adjusting to identify the new solos, trios and ensembles, I failed to realize that the first herald, the whippoorwill, was no longer in the choir. Whether he had completed his duty or moved on to settle down for a day’s rest I do not know.

What I do know is this:

This is my Father’s world
And to my listen ears
All natures sings
And round me rings
The music of the spheres.

Blogitch’s new home

Blogitch was created in 2008. He has been living over at blogspot. But today, Blogitch has a new home here at wordpress.

Blogitch was born for one purpose: to scratch the itch to ruminate, meditate, contemplate and deliberate, then bloviate, perorate, or even objurgate about ministry, music, miscellanea, politics, people, places, the hazardous, the hopeful, the horrendous, the ambiguous, the dubious, the numinous, the nebulous and sometimes even my necrotizing nemesis – Multiple Sclerosis.

Over more recent months, Twitter has provided the primary outlet for Blogitch. Twitter, of course, is great for belching forth short bursts but language deserves more respect.

Words should be treated like music notes in a composition or shades of color in a painting: chosen, crafted, arranged then rearranged until something of artistic worth (or worthlessness) emerges to, even if just for a moment, make a difference (or fade into oblivion).

As a tool of art, words deserve more careful attention than Twitter’s 140 characters will allow. So, Blogitch gets a new lease on life not just to doodle a few characters but to practice the art of wordcraft. And it will be just that, too. Practice. More often than not it will be more reminiscent of a child with a new violin – more wrong notes than not. I hope to occasionally surprise you, though.

Is Blogitch leaving Twitter? Not on your life. For Blogitch, Twitter functions much like a belch. It is an short, immediate response of appreciation of something well received. Occasionally it is more akin to acid reflux when something doesn’t settle well but you get the point.

Anyway, welcome to Blogitch’s new home. Drop by anytime.