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Greeting the Sun


Blogitch’s new home

Blogitch was created in 2008. He has been living over at blogspot. But today, Blogitch has a new home here at wordpress.

Blogitch was born for one purpose: to scratch the itch to ruminate, meditate, contemplate and deliberate, then bloviate, perorate, or even objurgate about ministry, music, miscellanea, politics, people, places, the hazardous, the hopeful, the horrendous, the ambiguous, the dubious, the numinous, the nebulous and sometimes even my necrotizing nemesis – Multiple Sclerosis.

Over more recent months, Twitter has provided the primary outlet for Blogitch. Twitter, of course, is great for belching forth short bursts but language deserves more respect.

Words should be treated like music notes in a composition or shades of color in a painting: chosen, crafted, arranged then rearranged until something of artistic worth (or worthlessness) emerges to, even if just for a moment, make a difference (or fade into oblivion).

As a tool of art, words deserve more careful attention than Twitter’s 140 characters will allow. So, Blogitch gets a new lease on life not just to doodle a few characters but to practice the art of wordcraft. And it will be just that, too. Practice. More often than not it will be more reminiscent of a child with a new violin – more wrong notes than not. I hope to occasionally surprise you, though.

Is Blogitch leaving Twitter? Not on your life. For Blogitch, Twitter functions much like a belch. It is an short, immediate response of appreciation of something well received. Occasionally it is more akin to acid reflux when something doesn’t settle well but you get the point.

Anyway, welcome to Blogitch’s new home. Drop by anytime.